OnSite WorkID

Validating the individual in the workplace

OnSite WorkID is a digital wallet that allows the service provider to prove their identity and status to a third party (or "gate-keeper"). Delivered within an app on a mobile device, it provides:

  • Personal identification
  • The current status of any work permits/visas, certifications and health surveillance (in line HSE's health surveillance guidance)

Both parties can be notified if work permits/visas need to be renewed, when training or re-certification is necessary, or if a health check is required.

Documents stored within the system are held in an immutable form within a secure GDPR compliant blockchain repository (a tamper-proof store that ensures the integrity of the information being shared).

The system is available in two modes

With multiple document ability, the service provider can select which documents to share, with the app providing simultaneous validation of each of these via a single-use QR code and displaying the status in traffic light form on the gate-keepers device to enable easy differentiation.

An open one-way validation

The shared QR code is readable by any device equipped with QR scanner functionality or the app, enabling anyone to view the shared details.

A closed two-way validation

Both the "gate-keeper" and the "service provider" have the App installed on their device, allowing the identity of the gate-keeper to be validated and restricting the display of wallet-holder's status solely to the gate-keeper. Additionally, the scanning transaction is timestamped and geo-graphically logged with details recorded to the blockchain repository.

To further ensure the integrity of the data, in both modes the QR generated is a one-time use code that expires after is scanned to ensure it cannot be copied and reused.

The QR code is displayed on the service-provider's device screen alongside their validated passport type image allowing the gate-keeper to ensure the correct individual is presenting the details. The ability for a service provider's identity and image to be independently validated via a KYC ('know your client') service further enhances the integrity of the information.

The App's open format and its API allows it to be integrated with certification bodies, government agencies etc as well as an organisation's internal systems (Human Resources, Training etc) also providing the potential to integrate with building management and access control systems.

Key Features

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • GDPR compliant secure blockchain repository where all data is validated and logged
  • Paperless proof of validity for certificates and qualifications
  • Provides visual check of identity
  • Shares secure validated data via one-time use QR code
  • Time-stamping and geo tagging of each scan operation
  • API integration with legacy applications
  • Cyber Essentials certified